If Sesame Street did nightclubs…

Museum of the Moving Image, NYC
Statler & Waldorf: My mum says my dad and brother act like these two when they get into one of their sparring matches about the topics of the day
The Cyclia nightclub — ahead of its time. Could it work today? What would Henson’s nightclub of 2018 looked like?
Brand partnerships in action — Henson’s work did start life in TV commercials after all…
  • Story comes ahead of technology
  • We’ll always desire compelling and relatable characters
  • The failures, although painful, will eventually lead to breakthroughs
  • We often underestimate how engaging simple concepts can be
  • What makes for great storytelling?
  • Is simplicity the ultimate sophistication or do we desire something ‘more’ now?
  • What will be the next new and valuable IP that can appeal to both kids and adults, and last a generation or more?
  • Could that IP be created by an independent entity rather than a Disney, Marvel or Dreamworks?
  • Could it have educational and/or social impact as well as entertainment and commercial success?



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Howard Gray

Howard Gray


Adventures in entertainment, education and entrepreneurial endeavours. I’m an educator, coach and project builder based in NYC.